Game Studio

Whether it’s a card game or a board game for millions of players, we offer a full range of game
development services to build engaging, human-centered games. We push brands to be one step
ahead of the competition and to disrupt the market with the latest idea innovations. While providing
an extensive set of game creating services, we can also cut delivery times by a third—or even in

We create game projects from scratch and perform streamlined updates, integrations, and design
solutions with the leading game patterns. Our team apply the “build once, deploy anywhere” model,
which allows our clients to reach the largest audience across all territories.

Throughout the production process, Sunday Games is here to assist, advise and help you with
anything you may need. After delivery, we will also follow up on your sales at any time, collect
feedback, so as to provide you with better services in the future.

Our well-trained and experienced team can help you understand your game’s technical
requirements, and help you select the right materials to achieve your desired player experience
and production quality at a competitive price point. The majority of our staff in the marketing team
have a mechanical engineering background and are well versed in the fields of printing, plastic
injection, and machining processes.

We can offer you a favorable price in the shortest time. The quotation scheme will include the full
specifications of your game, as well as the estimated shipping costs to your address. Our team will
first offer you the template to fill in your design, and then confirm that your artwork and typesetting
are suitable for production. When it is found suitable we will produce a sample for you to approve
before moving on to the next step.

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