Publishing & Distribution

In 2023, Dungeon Ludico became a video game publisher. Our ambition: to offer you unrivalled
support in developing your game, and to publish your creations with the passion needed to ensure
they reach players worldwide.

We offer fair agreements; for example, you retain the intellectual property rights to your creations.
We also offer day-to-day support to your teams to help you to fully realise the video game of your
dreams. Our experience as an independent developer means that we can collaborate closely with
studios, providing the advice and resources they need to bring their visions to life. Our international
talents then supervise the quality assurance and testing process, localisation, marketing, creation,
communication, commercial development and legal services to broaden the global reach of your
video game.

The same team, made up of industry veterans, also publishes our own games. Quantic Dream now
reaches the world of the PC, consoles and mobiles.

We have already announced our first partnerships with three independent studios, Paranoia Rising
Games, ABC Games and Top Games, which we are supporting in their projects Season 1,
Warlock, and an unannounced game with ABC Games.

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