Kick Off Deluxe

Unleash your passion for football, each card is a step towards glory.

Challenge your friends to Kick Off Deluxe, the football card game that simulates the actions of a real match. Just like in football, based on actions built to get to the shot, Kick Off Deluxe will allow you to score goals through combination of cards. The mixing of these two mechanisms, choosing the right cards to play with unpredictable reactions makes for a tense and engaging game. The Deluxe edition provides a multitude of new options, cards, and variant, which provide players with new paths to victory.

How to Play:

Match the cards to shoot, score a goal and get the famous Poker, that is, 4 goals. Each player will be able to choose the best cards to get to the shot, trying not to let the action be intercepted by the opponent. The player who starts the action is the Attacker, while the other is the Defender. The playable offensive cards are Action Cards and Special Cards, and each of them increases the opportunity to play the Shot Card and score a goal. Each offensive card corresponds to one or more defense cards which allow the defender to recover the ball and become the new attacker, as if a counterattack were triggered. To get to the Shot, the Attacker must play 3 cards consecutively without being intercepted by the Defender. To avoid the goal, the Defender can play the Block Card and start the action again as the new Attacker. Kick Off also allows you to combine Action Cards and Special Cards to create lethal actions. Each Special Card allows the Attacker to get to the shot more easily and, in some cases, to bypass the opponent’s ability to intercept cards.





Playing time

30 Min

Language Dependence

Moderate in-game text

Release Date

Q3 2024


Dungeon Ludico

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