A legendary adventure set in the world of Kokoroyama.

In the mysterious land of Kokoroyama, the evil wizard Kuroshin has awakened the ancient evil spirit known as Shinzuru, the Lord of Darkness. His intent is to obtain absolute power and dominate the entire kingdom of Kokoroyama. In the face of this growing threat, Princess Ranbu, of extraordinary beauty and magical powers, emerges as Kokoroyama’s last hope. Supported by a group of five valiant warriors, each equipped with unique and unparalleled abilities, Ranbu is determined to complete an epic mission that will change the fate of their world. As the shadows of darkness spread and Kuroshin’s evil powers grows, Ranbu and her companions embark on a perilous journey to defeat Shinzuru and stop the wizard’s dark ambitions. Ancient legends intertwine with the present and their adventure becomes an epic struggle between good and evil, with Kokoroyama’s fate suspended in an unstable balance. Together, they must overcome deadly challenges, uncover ancient secrets, and face Shinzuru in an epic battle for the future of the kingdom.

RANBU is an amazing, solo or cooperative, narrative experience for 1-6 players. Set in a unique fantasy world, with a deep, branching storyline, you’ll battle villainous foes, make courageous decisions or harrowing choices, to defeat the evil that threatens the peace, in a thrilling journey that leads you across the lands of Kokoroyama.





Playing time

60 – 120 Min

Language Dependence

No necessary in-game text


Dungeon Ludico

Release date

Q4 2024

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