Judgment Night

The Night of Judgment has come: Humans against Vampires.

After years of searching, monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing has finally found the legendary jewel known as the Blood Seal. This powerful relic, thanks to an ancient ritual, could destroy all vampires in the world, including the infamous Count Dracula and his servants. Who will triumph in this fight between good and evil?

Judgment Night is a semi-cooperative game in which you will face the deadly dangers that lie within Count Dracula’s Castle, living a terrifying and compelling adventure, carrying out the ritual before it’s too late and trying to free humans who are held captive in the castle. But be careful! Once Count Dracula awakens, he will stop at nothing to ensure the threat is eliminated forever.





Playing time

90 – 180 Min

Language Dependence

No necessary in-game text

Release date

Q4 2024


Dungeon Ludico

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