Eternal Wind: Awakening

Join forces in the epic fight against Thulgor, the shadow lord.

Prepare for experience an adventure beyond your wildest imagination. Set in the fantastic kingdom of Eldoria, Eternal Wind: Awakening is a board game in which up to five players take on a character (knight, elf, dwarf, undead and orc) and embark on a heroic mission. The game includes high-quality sculpted miniatures and an innovative, easy-to-learn cooperative gameplay sees players working together to defeat the mighty Thulgor.

Each turn has two phases. In the Hero phase, players creep into the cave areas collecting weapons, spells, useful items for their inventory and forging artifacts. In the Thulgor phase, the shadow lord will try to eliminate all those who may pose a threat to his plans of destruction. The five kingdoms of Eldoria need your help to save the world from the evil Thulgor.





Playing time

60 – 75 Min

Language Dependence

No necessary in-game text

Release date

Q3 2024


Dungeon Ludico

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